Vulnerability Disclosures

Trust doesn’t end with Salesforce systems. Our engineers work to ensure a safer Internet for everyone by improving the security of third party applications.

Below is a partial list of vulnerabilities we’ve publicly disclosed.

DateProductReported ByReferenceDescriptionMore
06/22/2017CairoAlberto Garcia Illera Francisco Oca Suleman AliCVE-2017-9814Heap buffer overflow in Cairo graphics libraryLink
06/21/2017PopplerAlberto Garcia Illera Francisco Oca Suleman AliCVE-2017-9776Integer overflow leading to Heap buffer overflow in PopplerLink
06/21/2017PopplerAlberto Garcia Illera Francisco Oca Suleman AliCVE-2017-9775Stack buffer overflow in popplerLink
05/08/2017SwftoolsAlberto Garcia Illera Francisco OcaCVE-2017-7698A Use After Free in the pdf2swf part of swftools 0.9.2 and earlier allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary codeLink
04/28/2017BigFix PlatformAlberto Garcia Illera Francisco OcaCVE-2016-2177OpenSSL is vulnerable to a denial of service, caused by the incorrect use of pointer arithmetic for heap-buffer boundary checks.Link
04/18/2017Apache BatikPierre ErnstCVE-2017-5662XXEBugTraq
04/18/2017Apache FOPPierre ErnstCVE-2017-5661XXEBugTraq
04/07/2017Apache IgnitePierre ErnstCVE-2016-6805XXELink
12/20/2016BigFix PlatformAlberto Garcia Illera Francisco OcaCVE-2016-6084Denial of service sending a malformed packetLink
12/20/2016BigFix PlatformAlberto Garcia Illera Francisco OcaCVE-2016-6082BigFix Platform could allow execution of arbitrary code, caused by a use-after-free race conditionLink
12/20/2016BigFix PlatformAlberto Garcia Illera Francisco OcaCVE-2016-6085A memory exhaustion vulnerability allows spraying BES Root Server and BES Relay memory with attacker controlled dataLink
11/22/2016Apache TomcatPierre ErnstCVE-2016-8735Deserialization of Untrusted DataBugTraq
11/17/2016textractPierre ErnstCVE-2016-10320RCELink
11/10/2016Apache TikaPierre ErnstCVE-2016-6809Deserialization of Untrusted DataBugTraq
08/15/2016Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdomPeter KostiukN/AMultiple vulnerabilities leading to RCEDetails in upcoming blog post.
06/22/2016WebSpellCheckerAlberto Garcia Illera Francisco OcaN/AMultiple buffer overflowsLink
06/14/2016Microsoft SMBHormazd Billimoria Xiaoran Wang Sergey Gorbaty
Anton Rager
Jonathan Brossard
CVE-2016-3299Remote SMB AD password leakageLink
06/10/2016Python-docxPierre ErnstCVE-2016-5851XXELink
05/30/2016Apple FacetimeMartin VigoCVE-2016-4635 CVE-2016-4722Apple Call Relay Protocol vulnsLink
03/01/2016Trend Micro Deep Security SaaSTravis EmmertNAExposure of SaaS aws keysLink
02/22/2016Microsoft AzureTravis EmmertNAArbitrary Deserialization, Server side code disclosureLink
01/05/2016EMC VMAXTravis EmmertCVE-2016-0889Pre-auth RCELink
01/01/2016GraniteDS AMFTravis EmmertCVE-2016-2340XXELink
10/01/2015IllumioTravis Emmert Alberto Garcia Illera Francisco OcaNANumerous Vulns Including UAF leading to RCE 
09/25/2015EMC Secure Remote ServicePeter KostiukCVE-2015-6852Directory traversalLink
09/21/2015Adobe Flash PlayerBen HayakCVE-2015-5571Rosetta flash bypassLink
07/22/2015QNAP QTSPeter KostiukN/AMultiple vulnerabilitiesLink
06/29/2015Oracle Enterprise ManagerPeter KostiukCVE-2016-0455 CVE-2016-0449Agent XXE and privilege escalationLink
06/25/2015Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cTravis EmmertCVE-2015-4875, CVE-2015-4874, CVE-2016-0442, CVE-2016-0443, CVE-2016-0444, CVE-2016-0445, CVE-2016-0446, CVE-2016-0447Pre-auth RCELink
04/15/2015Microsoft XML Core ServicesHormazd Billimoria Xiaoran Wang Sergey Gorbaty
Anton Rager
Jonathan Brossard
CVE-2015-1646Bypass the Same Origin PolicyLink
04/10/2015JavaSergey GorbatyCVE-2015-4893XXELink
03/05/2015Apache Xerces DoSAnton Rager
Jonathan Brossard
02/26/2015BroTravis EmmertCVE-2015-1521 CVE-2015-1522Buffer OverflowLink
01/12/2015JavaPierre ErnstCVE-2016-3427Preauthenticated unrestricted deserializationLink
01/07/2015Juniper Pulse SecureTravis EmmertCVE-2016-4788, CVE-2016-4787, CVE-2016-4786XSS, XXE pre-authLink
11/26/2014InfoBlox Network AutomationTravis EmmertCVE-2016-4635RCE, SQLi, XSS, Dir Traversal, Session Entropy 
12/10/2014Meraki CiscoAlberto Garcia IlleraCVE-2014-7993 CVE-2014-7994
CVE-2014-7995 CVE-2014-7999
RCE, Secrets disclosure 
10/15/2014JavaSergey GorbatyCVE-2014-6517XXELink
10/02/2014Oracle SRDAlberto Garcia IlleraCVE-2014-2472 CVE-2014-2473
CVE-2014-2474 CVE-2014-2475
Unauth segment violation
causing DoS and posible RCE
Oracle Patch Update
09/30/2014Centrify Server SuiteTravis EmmertCVE-2014-7298Local Privilege EscalationLink
06/09/2014Red Hat Satellite 5Travis EmmertCVE-2014-8163 CVE-2014-8162XXE -> SSRF -> Local host SQLi -> Complete CompromiseLink
12/19/2013CheckpointAlberto Garcia IlleraCVE-2013-7304Invalid cert validationLink